Family Mourns Underwater Cell Phone Accident

Miami- 30 Jan. 2008- Staff.  Authorities today revealed a shocking twist in the tragic death of Gwen Powers last week at the Scuba Corral School of Undersea Instruction.


While participating in an undersea graduation ceremony at the scuba school Monday Jan. 19, Ms. Powers suddenly convulsed and lay still at the bottom of the ostentatiously bejewled “finishing” tank, according to eye witness reports.

“Right at the sea monkey podium […] Gwen seized up like somebody just grabbed her,” instructor Tom Pike recalls, adding that Gwen was a star pupil.  “You just don’t see dive talent like that walking down the street every day.  She could’ve been the next Cousteau,” he said.

Details from the newly released police report reveal that Ms. Powers suffered a fatal jolt of amperage from a newly purchased smartphone she had carried into the pool.  Though authorities have no conclusive evidence, they suspect that the device shorted out from a sudden tear in Ms. Powers watertight patch.  This likely occured during an elaborate undewater display of acrobatics, required for all graduates. 

Detective Rob Dignan was quick to use the incident to highlight the broader risk of newly ubiquitous, high electricity ‘smartphones.’  “Head cancer nothing.  These are dangerous devices that you should think twice about carrying on your person,” remarked Dignan.  “Smartphone saftey has too long been overlooked.”


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